Let’s see, the response we hear these days would be, “I don’t believe in making resolutions,” or “They don’t work, so I’m not having them anymore.” 

It’s pretty common. Those wonderful resolutions you had at the start of the new year ends up being just a nice and fluffy wishlist, only to be discarded away a few months down the road.

There’s been so many climbing resolutions also that have been thrown away – and that truly pains our hearts. What were those resolutions? They sound something like: 

  • Commit to climbing in the gym regularly each week.
  • Complete all available routes a few times.
  • Stay on-route when doing a climb (i.e. not to grab off route holds).
  • To climb a route cleanly.
  • Lose weight so I can climb better.
  • And the list goes on.

Sounds familiar? You may have had some of your own and realise that we really don’t necessarily achieve them, for reasons aplenty – we are not committed, climbing only when we feel like it. When we don’t see improvements, we start doubting. During the climb, we may cheat by grabbing off-route holds and just attempt the climb anyway, but ending up strangely unfulfilled. After all this mess, we find that we are not inspired by climbing after all. Why is that so?

At T-Hall, climbing is what drives us. We are committed to you – and we really want to help you make climbing ‘the sport’ for you. So here are some reasons why you really need a climbing resolution for 2020:

1. Goals empower you to get things done.

Things get done because we treat them like goals that need to be accomplished. So if you want to get anywhere with climbing in 2020, put your mind to it and set up a goal that you will achieve by all means.

2. Goals mean Direction.

How often do we live without direction. Goals provide you with a vision for the year ahead, and provide you with a destination such that you’ll need to plan your course into your future. That means you will invest your resources (time, money, energy) more carefully.

3. Goals give Purpose.

Many of us end up working relentlessly only to find halfway through life that we’ve lost the meaning of why we do what we do. Goals help us discover our purpose, and this gives life meaning. What is Purpose? Purpose is what motivates us and moves us to take action. When we have purpose, everyday is worthwhile!

There is NO training to discovering your purpose, you’d need to experiment! Read “Discovering Your Purpose When You Feel Like You Have None” https://everydaypower.com/discovering-your-purpose/

Finally, if we do really achieve our goals, we will feel good, having achieved progress and with that forward momentum, we can go on to create more goals. Without which, we would be stuck in limbo or a state of confusion.


Which kind of life do you want to live for 2020? One that is moving forward, or to remain in a state of dissatisfaction?

Take time to reflect on what kind of goals you’ll need to set up to achieve the life you want. These goals could lead to unexpected results as well – For example, they could actually lead you towards a better connection with your family or your friends, or help you train up your mental strength (Read our Dec article “How do you build up climbing mental strength?”)

These goals should not overwhelm you but it should be something you can realistically work on. There are also different types of goals you can create such as:

  • Self-confidence goals
    These are applicable even in the workplace and can be applied on any given day. These goals include the simpler challenges that will boost your morale, amplify your positive self-image, and generally, make you feel better! Pamper yourself, and work on your strengths. Examples include to complete a certain route, going for a spa / massage once a month, etc.
  • Realistic goals
    These are goals that you are fully capable of doing but requires effort and commitment, such as a weekly routine for training, dieting. As they say, practice makes perfect
  • Stretch goal
    This would be your one big climbing dream that may or not be possible, such as making it to the National Team, or becoming a climbing trainer, etc.

For an example of goals, check out what a professional climber and fresh college graduate of DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois writes in Michaela Kiersch: Setting Goals

So, what will your climbing resolution be for 2020?

We wish you all the best in creating your 2020 dream list. At the end of the day, you might just need to keep it simple. 

Even picking just one new thing to focus on, and truly committing to it – is bound to yield great results that will help you discover your purpose and new energy for the new year!